Shanks 4K


Germanium FUZZ Pedal

Produced by John Shanks!

Collaboration with John Shanks.

The Shanks 4K was designed to recreate the 60’s Fuzz Face like overdrive boost.  Equipped with two vintage germanium transistors.  The range of the tone is very wide and has a enough head room to obtain a firm and bright clean tone to an edgy crunchy boost.  When turning the FUZZ and the BASS to the highest level will get a thick Fuzz Face like distortion.  The Fuzz Color trimmer allows to control the fuzz tone from spitty fuzz to a smooth overdrive fuzz.


John Shanks Comment

“Unlike the creamy distortion of an overdrive, we went for the Hendrix/Jimmy Page tone.  The earthquake like distortion you get when you attack the strings, but when played sensitively, it gives off a nice clean tone with an edgy crunch. That is what we wanted to achieve.”


John Shanks Bio

John Shanks is a 6 time Grammy nominated songwriter, producer and accomplished guitar player. John has produced and/or written 43 #1 singles, 86 #1 albums and sold over 60 million records to date in the genres of Rock, Pop and Country music. In 2005, he won the Grammy for Producer of the Year. To people in the industry, his work is considered the gold standard. “John’s records have become the sound of Top Forty Radio,” Clive Davis told Rolling Stone. “He’s the father of that guitar-driven kid of pop sound.”


John’s home base is Los Angeles, though he travels the world as requested by the various Artists he works with. Shanks has recorded in New York, London and even Russia. In early 2016 John opened his own state of the art multi room recording studio high up the Hollywood hills. Prior to building his own studio, John worked at the famed Henson Studio C, formerly A&M Records Studios. The room he has recorded in for the last seven years is itself a legendary space, where Joni Mitchell’s Blue was recorded as well as Carole King’s Tapestry and many others seminal tracks. Since taking it over, John has worked with some of music’s most important artists like Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Melissa Etheridge, Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, Santana, Michelle Branch, Fleetwood Mac and numerous others. “He’s a rare combination of songwriter, musician and producer,” observed Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine in Billboard’s profile of Shanks, “but he also has a great feel of working with artists. That’s hard to find.”

Transistors : 2 Germanium (Selected)

Controls:  Level, Fuzz, Bass, Treble, Fuzz Color, Bias(Trimmer)

Switches:  ON/OFF

Terminal:  Input, Output

Power :  006P(9 Volt Battery) or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter(Center Negative)


Weight:  425g

Current Draw:  1.8m/A

*All of our pedals are compatible with 18V except for our fuzz pedals.

But we do not recommend using 18v because it is made and designed for 9V.

Please advise we cannot take any responsibilities for any damages using voltages higher than 9V.

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