Super Clean BOOST Pedal

The Budi is a clean natural boost pedal which allows you to obtain a best match with your equipment.  Depending on the guitar and amp, adjust the Min-Vol(Minimum Volume) trimmer equally to your amp.

(Set the BOOST knob to 0, align the EQ knobs and the output level control to its center position)

Then adjust the Boost knob, the EQ and the output level control to obtain your specific needs.

Experience the pro-quality tone of the Budi.

Controls:  Boost, Bass, Level, Treble, Min-Vol(trimmer)

Switches:  ON/OFF

Terminal:  Input, Output

Power :  006P (9 Volt Battery) or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter(Center Negative)


Weight:  425g

Current Draw:  10m/A

*This pedal is compatible with 9V or 18V.  When using with 18V, inside the circuit board, there is a switch that allows you to change from 9V to 18V. Please slide the switch to 18V.

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